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Developmenta wide range of products for the modern radiology


Designfunctional, ergonomic and user friendly products


Qualityfully Italian made, from designing to manufacturing


Networkinternational partnerships for an extensive distribution force


We can trace our history back to 1991 when we started distributing a wide range of radiological units worldwide, providing solutions to the demanding needs of modern radiology by offering a wide range of products such as:

  • Mobile radiographic units
  • Mobile C-arms for orthopedics/vascular surgery/interventional radiology
  • Rad systems, for routine diagnostic
  • R/F systems, for any radiographic a/ fluoroscopic examination
  • Panoramic & intra-oral dental units
  • Mammographic Unit
  • Veterinary X-ray

BMI is the perfect partner for any distributor wishing to deal with trustworthy European-made conventional and digital X-ray systems as we are able to provide a wide range of medical equipment, starting from mobile units up to complex systems, and to satisfy any kind of requirement coming from hospitals or private clinics.
We know for sure about our quality-to-price ratio being one of the best available on the market nowadays and aiming to our customers complete satisfaction through constant attention and care paid before and after the sale process is our mission.

Since we entered into business we have been monitoring a constant and steady growth of our volume of sales in most of the markets where we are active (40+): this means that our efforts for continuously enhancing the quality of our products and service have been rewarded with success and our brand is now internationally recognized and appreciated.

BMI is an ISO 13485 and 9001 certified Company and all our products are CE marked.


  • In house manufacturing: design and production of high quality
  • Made in Italy: BMI is your reliable partner
  • Total project: electronical and mechanical
  • BMI network: international relationships constantly and carefully screened
  • Training and support: skilled engineers available for any necessity
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