A new digital mobile unit to Vimercate Hospital

BMI Biomedical International donates a new digital mobile unit to Vimercate Hospital

BMI Biomedical International, a Company from Bergamo operating in the radiological medical field since 1994, have decided to make a donation to Vimercate Hospital trying to help with the ongoing Covid-19 sanitary emergency: the donated mobile X-ray machine features the latest technology for digital imaging at the bed side, a very important characteristic considering the high number of patients who are in need of a quick and reliable thorax examination nowadays.

The equiment has been delivered by Mr. Oreste Greco, CEO of Arcom International which is a Company having HQ in Vimercate but fully controlled by BMI.
Mr. Greco states: “Our business activity was born and was always linked to a territory of which this Hospital represents a very important landmark. For this reason, we really care about doing something helpful to support them during such a difficult period”.

Mr. Del Sorbo says: “This machine and its technology will help us obtain diagnostic information in real time, so it will be particulary helpful during such an epidemic outbreak that we are fighting, by saving time and by speeding up both our response time and workflow”.
Mr. Monza spoke about the fact that “BMI’s donation is a significant acknowledgment for the difficult job we have been carrying out lately; let me say that our doctors, nurses and all the healthcare professionals have definitely done their very best with ecceptional efforts, great sense of responsibility and humanity”.

Dr. Marcello Intotero, Director of the Radiological Ward, explains that: “The donated equipment is an essential resourse for our ward, since it allows us to obtain radiological images without having to move from their beds all those patients who cannot be trasported to the dedicated areas of our Hospital because of their severe clinical conditions”.

Mrs. Daniela Motta, Director of the Clinical Engineering Dept. says: “Up to now the operators of radiological imaging (who have always been on the front lines to support the Covid-patients wards), after performing the X-ray exams at the bed side, had to have them processed through a specific device located far away from the hospitalization areas, for the digitalization and archive in our PACS.
The new equipment will make such procedures much faster and simpler”.

Mr. Greco and his coworker were met by Mr. Nunzio Del Sorbo (General Director) and Mr. Giovanni Monza (Sanitary Director) of the ASST.